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Five Reasons Why Couples Should Hire a Videographer for Their Wedding Day | North Carolina wedding videography | Blck Heart Media

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day! As your big day approaches, you are planning every last detail down to the napkins at the table and the songs you will dance to.

While having a wedding photographer is standard at weddings, videographers are often thought of as a nice addition but not necessary – but that shouldn’t be the case! Seeing your wedding through photos and reliving memories that way is wonderful, but imagine the joy of watching a wedding video over and over again through the years where you can hear the laughter of your loved ones, see the smiles of relatives who have since passed and feel in the moment again? Sounds wonderful, right? 

Throughout this blog, we will tell you exactly why you should invest in having a videographer at your wedding. 

1.Videos are More Personal Than Photos 

Your wedding video can be just that – yours. You can work with your videographer to create a story, document, and relieve your big day. Customize your videos with your favorite music and voice-overs of you and your spouse reading love letters, or have a funny blooper reel at the end! 

2. Wedding Videographers Capture More Candid Moments 

As much as we try not to, when someone comes around to take our photo, we force a smile. With a video, you capture all those raw, unfiltered emotions that don’t look picture-perfect! 

3. Wedding Videos Capture Hilarious Events 

Photographers only have a split second to capture a funny moment at a wedding, and even if they do capture a funny moment, the photo could be blurry. That’s not the case with a wedding video! Oftentimes videographers pan the room and capture hilarious, otherwise unseen moments from your wedding. 

4. Your Wedding Video is Fun to Watch Every Year

Many couples love to celebrate their wedding anniversary every year by reminiscing on their love story. What better way to do that than by watching your wedding day over and over again through your wedding video? Depending on how long your wedding video is, you and your partner, and even your children in the future, can snuggle up around the TV and watch your big day. 

5. You Get to See Moments That You Missed

On your wedding day, you will be stressed, and there is no way you can be everywhere at once. You will miss things – but your videographer won’t. Remember that time Aunt Sally dropped her cake on Grandpa? No? Don’t fret – your videographer probably caught that on tape, and you will have that memory for years to come. You can really focus on being in the moment and not stressing about missing anything as you enjoy your wedding.

Adding a videographer to your must-haves on your wedding day vendor list should be on everyone’s couple’s radar for 2023 weddings and beyond. If you want to find out more about wedding videography, please feel free to reach out here.

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